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Recently Listed

85Sq.m   1,600 €


Filothei, Apartment For Rent, 85 sq.m., Property Status: Very Good, Floor: 1rst, 1 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom(s), Heating: Personal - Natural G...

125Sq.m   2,200 €


Filothei, Apartment For Rent, 125 sq.m., Floor: 3rd, 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom(s), 1 WC, Heating: Autonomous - Natural Gas, View: Unlimited,...

280Sq.m   4,400 €

Kifissia - Kefalari

Kifissia, Kefalari, Apartment For Rent, 280 sq.m., Property Status: Very Good, 2 Level(s), 3 Bedrooms (1 Master), 3 Bathroom(s), 2 WC, H...

We Suggest

Office For Sale  138Sq.m 128,000 €

Chalandri - Kato Chalandri

Chalandri, Kato Chalandri, Office For Sale 138 sq.m., Property status: Very ...